Vaaraalu - Baludu | Telugu Rhymes for Children

Vaaraalu - Baludu, Telugu Animation Nursery Rhymes for Children. Learn this Telugu Rhyme where the Children get to learn about the Days of the Week. Telugu Nursery Rhymes like Baava Baava Panneru, Vaana Vaana Vallapa, Burru Pitta, Kothi Baavaku Pellanta etc are in this channel.

Aadivaaram puttina baludu adbutanga chaduvutadu
somavaram puttina baludu satyamune palukutadu
mangalavaram puttina baludu manchi panulu chestadu
budavaram puttina baludu buddimantudai untadu
guruvaram puttina baludu paropakaram chestadu
sukravara puttina baludu sahanam kaligi untadu
sanivaram puttina baludu shantamuga untadu 

Bommarillu is one-stop destination for Rhymes, Short-stories and fairy tales in Telugu Language showcased in latest versions and high-quality animations in HD format for kids to enjoy learning the most important moral-stories in a fun and engaging format. Find all the classic Telugu Padyalu and kathalu for your children here. 

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